Mediation Training

As mediation continues to expand, the need for mediation training increases accordingly. To this end, the National Mediation Training Registry has emerged as the largest online repository of mediation trainers. But more than a directory of mediation trainers, the Registry is also a self-managed calendar of the latest mediation training events featuring smart notifications for mediation trainees.

The National Mediation Training Registry addresses five main user groups as well as, of course, the mediation trainers who serve them:

  • Experienced attorneys, therapists, and social workers looking to extend their scope of practice into mediation.
  • Established dispute resolution professionals in search of advanced training.
  • Managers and human resource professionals with responsibility for managing and developing people.
  • Private individuals curious to acquire new skills for use in their personal or professional lives.
  • Career changers seeking to enter the dynamic field of mediation.

Whatever your background or interest in mediation, use the Registry to locate mediation trainers in your area and keep informed of upcoming mediation training events. You can even register to receive priority notification via email when local trainers add new mediation training events. (Your email address remains strictly private and will never be shared with anyone.) In addition, you can search the Registry for online classes open to trainees worldwide regardless of geography.

Conflict is ubiquitous. There is no shortage of opportunities to apply your mediator skills — within the family, among friends, in the workplace, and in community mediation programs. But if you’re interested in working as a professional mediator, be sure to visit our private-practice mediator recommendations to learn more about mediation career opportunities.